Think before you Tweet

While I do not know PC Magazine editor Jim Louderback personally, I have long subscribed to an email newsletter version of his “blog” which, in his case, is a blog-version of his email newsletter. Today, Jim (or someone posing as Jim) guest-blogged on the PR-blog, to respond to a Twitter “tweet” made by Steve Rubel last Friday. Jim’s (or Fake-Jim’s) guest-blogitorial takes Steve to task for tweeting that he trashes his free print copy of PC Magazine.

As Steve is an executive in a large PR firm with lots of technology clients, Jim didn’t think it was cool for Steve to be trash talking on Twitter in such a way. Steve today blogged an apology and admitted that he regretted the Twitter trash talk.

I hope that expanding this conversation beyond 140 characters allowed everyone to set the record straight. I know it sure made me feel better. I feel so good about how this was all handled, that I’m awarding Jim and Steve my Kumbaya Badge for civility. Congratulations.

Speaking of trash and Twitter, there’s a handy Twitter feature called the trash can. If you post something you immediately regret, you can trash it. (However, that won’t keep all those who “follow” you from seeing it before that surge of regret overcomes you.)

Also, speaking of Jim Louderback. While I do not know him personally, ever since he used to appear on Tech TV, he’s always reminded me of someone — but, I can’t quite figure out who: