NPR piece on ‘blogger code of conduct’

The “code of conduct” issue made it to NPR this morning, although in the piece, it’s referred to as a “code of ethics” by reporter Adam Davidson. There’s nothing new to most of the people who read this blog, although it is worthwhile to see how NPR listeners will have the Sierra issue and response interpreted to them. (However, the Sierra quotes sound as if they are from an interview conducted a few weeks ago — some of the things she says seem tied to her response at the time, not what she has said more recently.)

Speaking of NPR, yesterday (or was it Monday), Craig Newmark, creator of Craig’s list was featured on This I Believe, a weekly Morning Edition segment.


“Most people share a similar moral compass: They play fair, they give each other a break and they generally get along.”

That sounds like a pretty good “code of conduct” to me.

With that inspiration, here’s the rexblog code of conduct: “Play fair, give other people a break and try your best to generally get along. And whenever it looks like things are getting out of control, stop, hold hands and sing Kumbaya.”