If people can’t figure out what Froogle is, imagine how confused they are with all the Web 2.0 brand names

Google is de-branding its product price comparison tool, dropping what the company admits now was an ill-conceived brand, “Froogle,” and calling it something that I hope they didn’t pay a consultant to dream up, but what is a vast improvement and worthy of whatever the fee was, nonetheless: Google Product Search.

Quote from CNET News.com:

“I don’t think we understood the complications with rolling out another brand,” Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of search product and user experience, said. “While it was a cute and clever name, it had issues around copyright and trademark, as well as internationalization…The pun (to “frugal”) isn’t obvious.”

I’m impressed with her candor.

I think it’s also telling that Foogle, introduced in 2005, never dropped the “Beta” — until, well, now.

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