Mike Davidson: Pageview boosting hacks are evil

I’m glad others share my pet-peeve with page-view boosting hacks that are common on some magazine (and other) websites. Mike Davidson says that breaking up a story (pagination) to juice pageviews is evil.


“Over the last several years, many publishers have convinced themselves that breaking up stories into sometimes as many as ten pages is an acceptable way to present content on the web. The realistic ones at least admit that it’s a cheap way to boost stats. The disingenuous (or naive) ones actually posit that they are improving readability and usability for their audiences by reducing scrolling. Because scrolling is so hard.”

I saw this via Rex Sorgatz, who says he isn’t bothered by it. “I’ve just always been willing to find the ‘print’ button,” he says. My problem with the “slide-show” version of this page-view juicing hack (the even-more-evil cousin of the pagination hack) is that there’s no “print” button. Question to Rex S: Do you include list slide shows in your year-end list of lists?”