Saturday morning, country-music, blogger-tie-in post

My now-based-in-Manhattan friend, Britt Blaser, (no, that’s not his picture on the left) who has done so many things that it’s somewhat constraining to say he was “the senior advisor of Internet strategy for the Howard Dean campaign,” has a Nashville connection — which is good, because a few months ago his visit here meant that he and I could spend a few hours discussing his newest venture, the Open Resource Group.

What’s his Nashville connection? Britt’s son is engaged to “a dixie chick” named Natalie, country singer Natalie Stovall (that’s her picture on the left), who is singing tonight at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Britt has a humorous post about the performance on his blog this morning.

Interesting sidenote on Natalie: She actually grew up in the Nashville-area. She met Britt’s son while attending the Berklee School of Music in Boston. After graduating, she returned to Nashville where she is in the process of launching her singer-songwriter career — and it looks and sounds — I have her debut CD — like she’s on her way. (Oh, and she can fiddle — which is enough to make me a fan.)