TV News on demand?

Dave Winer would like to have more active control over what stories CNN (et al) chooses to air — for him. He’s even mocked up an interface for how it could work.

I don’t watch TV news for the reason Dave explains — I find I’m rarely in synch with what CNN producers believe is news. My approach to gathering and organizing news online is counter to the experience of watching news on CNN. Indeed, I can hardly watch TV that is not recorded on my DVR. Ever since someone in a comment on this blog told me I could program my Comcast remote so that I could make a button command to “jump ahead 30 seconds,” I have even started recording news so that I can zap stories that are irrelevant to me.

Dave’s post made me think of two things, not “solutions,” but thoughts: I have Comcast OnDemand and while the user interface is perhaps the worst ever conceived by a company other than Sony — especially, the background music it plays while you select programming — is does offer, at least in theory, a pathway to the type of service Dave outlines. If CNN could “post” stories to a cable system’s video on demand service — and allow me to subscribe to news topically, I can begin to see a bridge from what Cable news is now to what it can be.

Another possibility — more River of Newsy: CNN stories posted as MP4s delivered via topical RSS feeds (podcasting) that I can let stream onto my TV via my iTunes-AppleTV set up.