I’m happy Nick Bradbury turned 40

If it’s not obvious, I’m web access challenged for a few days. (Voluntarily so.) But being off line meant I missed Nick Bradbury’s 40th birthday yesterday. Happy birthday, Nick. If you know Nick or read his blog, you’ll know he’s had some brushes with serious medical conditions and harrowing life-threatening situations over the past couple of years — so I’m especially happy he made it to 40. After brain surgery that caused loss of hearing in one ear and seriously affected his balance, Nick has, through physical therapy and exercise, “relearned” balance (although there’s a smashed flat-screen TV that paid the price in his recovery journey) and recently ran the Music City Half-Marathon.

Nick is an accidental software developer. I say “accidental” because I think he’s a cartoonist who got sidetracked. He created HomeSite, TopStyle and FeedDemon. He could live anywhere, but chose Nashville for all the family-friendly and life-style reasons that make it my home of choice, as well.

He’s a great inspiration to me — I’m already committing to next year’s Country Music Marathon because of him — and I’m happy to jump back online to wish him a happy birthday weekend. (Nick and I live in the same town, but I think we’ve seen each other more often in places other than Nashville: Seattle, San Francisco, Austin.)

(via: Dave, who had a birthday recently, as well, and who is no stranger to bouncing back after medical challenges.)