Welcome back, friendly, pre-rebranded Eric

Recently, I lamented that MyBlogLog resident ubber-friend, friendly-Eric (left) had been replaced by pensive-Eric (middle) and that I wanted friendly-Eric to come back. Over the weekend, friendly-Eric returned and left the following comment on my earlier post:

“It fills me with tremendous sorrow that I have let you down by hiding the joy that fills my heart. Yes, I was trying to show another side of my personality, but I will never do so at the expense of sharing the happiness that I feel each day knowing that I have such friends at MyBlogLog.

I know I speak for at least two or three of your 131,000 friends when I say, Welcome back, friendly-Eric.

No word yet on whether friendly-Eric’s return has anything to do with the rebranding of MyBloglog that is in the works.