Google adds embed feature to Picasa

Google today announced a new feature for its Flickr-like (or, Flickr-lite) program called Picasa Web Albums. It offers an easy, one-click way to embed (YouTube-like) a flash-player version of a slide-show like the one on the left. Tech-savvy users have long known how to hack this, so today’s announcement is merely simplifying and making it “a feature” for the rest of us. Also, there are ways to embed a Flickr Slideshow, however, it is not “a feature” and may not work with a new version of Flickr Slideshow.

I know there are several startups (Slideshare and Slide and others) that allow one to create and embed presentation slide-shows. However, when Google adds a PowerPoint-like program to Google Docs later this year, and it adds this embed feature to a platform where individuals create and store photos, video, text and spreadsheet documents, well, these are the things juggernauts do when they demonstrate the difference in “products” and “features.”

On a personal note, while the Picasa feature is great, I’m still hooked on Flickr. By the way, the photos on the accompanying slideshow are from my Nashville Greenways maps/photo sets project that uses both Flickr & Google.

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