Ad Age: The coming business magazine shake out?

In a paint-by-number article about the state of the business magazine category, the rather obvious conclusion that the marketplace can’t handle an unlimited number of titles in the category is, well, concluded.

Online rivals are one of the reasons, according to the magazine. Consolidation among advertisers, another. And more titles, yet another. Key to survival? Says the president of the ubber media-buying agency, Starcom Worldwide, “Unless you have the package of events and digital to complement the print publication, we’re not really interested. Smaller publications who don’t have as mature and developed 360 properties are going to continue to lose in the marketplace.”

The oft-repeated observation on this blog is worth repeating: One thing is consistent during the 250-year-history of the magazine in America: they launch and they die. New ones will continue to launch. Existing ones that do not respond to the changes in the marketplace, or among their readers, or in the world around them, will go away.