Web 3.0 delayed until fourth quarter

I can’t wait for the release of Web 3.0 as described by Dave Winer:

“First, I think of Web 2.0 as the Two-Way Web, the Read-Write Web, the Web of User-Generated Content. It’s Flickr and blogs and wikis. It’s everybody creating the medium for everyone else….The next step after that, I hope, is the professional media fully embracing the new media, no longer see it as a threat to their continued employment. See amateur public writing, the former audience who is no longer silent, as sources who can get attention for their ideas without going through an intermediary. I think it will continue to shrink until they accept bloggers and podcasters as legitimate sources of news and perspective, without interpretation by professional reporters.

Observation: Originally scheduled for release in 2004, the release date of Web 3.0 keeps getting pushed back. Fortunately, we can all be beta testers in the meantime.