The rexblog will return on Monday, June 4

I’m offline.

I’m not blogging. I’m not reading blogs. I’m not IMing. I’m not checking my newsreader.

I’m not tagging. I don’t have a cell-phone.

My business voice-mail and e-mail are being monitored, but I’m not initiating any voice or e- conversations.

I don’t know what Google or Apple or Facebook are announcing.

I don’t know what Scott Karp or Dave Winer or Steve Rubel or anyone who shows up on Techmeme or Nashville is Talking is saying.

I don’t know what is popular on or YouTube or /. or etc., etc., etc.

I don’t know who is friending me or poking me or reading me or “@-ing” me or adding to my groups.

If I don’t go stark-raving-mad or enter some higher state of enlightened bliss, I’ll be back here on Monday, June 4.