Is 7/7/7 a lucky day on which to get married?

This article suggests that July 7, 2007, will be the biggest wedding day ever. Apparently, the 7/7/07 thing is thought to be lucky by a few people.

Exactly 30 years ago, my wife and I were planning a wedding (translation: my now mother-in-law and friends were planning a wedding). When I realized we were going to be married in July, I lobbied hard and long for the date July 7, 1977. However, unlike this year, when July 7 falls on a Saturday, in 1977, July 7 fell on a Thursday. For some reason, the wedding planners thought Thursday was a really bad day for a wedding — even if it was 7/7/77. So, rather than having a 30th anniversary on 7/7/07, we’ll have ours on 7/16/07. (If we had been older and wiser, we would have done a secret, civil ceremony on 7/7 and had the formal one the following week. Heck, a few years ago, one person I know — whose initials are Rafat Ali — spent six weeks getting married all over the world.)

A funny post-script to our wedding date, however, is that for years, my mother-in-law sent us anniversary cards on July 7, as that date was so discussed, it was the date she remembered as our anniversary.