The sound of a different beat

Jeff Jarvis says “here’s what I’m talking about” regarding TVNewser Brian Stelter being hired by The New York Times business section to cover media online and in print.

Says Jeff:

“(Brian created a TV-industry must-read weblog) without a journalism degree or any degree, actually — or even the legal ability to drink beer. On a blog, nobody knows you’re a dog. They just knew that he knew his stuff…Pay attention, journalism students: When I suggest that you blog, this is what I’m talking about. Take a beat. Add journalism to the discussion around it. Answer a need. And if you’re good, good things can happen.”

For those who may not know, Brian became the leading TV-industry blogger while attending Towson (Md.) University, where he just graduated.

Congratulations, Brian. Congratulations, New York Times.

Sidenote: Need another example of a teenager creating a business-to-business media must-read? Nicholas Ciarelli, aka Nick dePlume created the Apple-focused news site ThinkSecret when he was 13. Now at Harvard, Ciarelli’s coverage of Apple is so influential and accurate, he’s even been sued by them.