A shout-out to my Nashville friends at StudioNow

I know, I know. Tech startup companies outside the Silicon Valley are not cool. (Note: that was an inside joke that goes back a few months) However, I’d like to give a shout-out to the first-round financing received by my young serial-entrepreneur friend, David Mason and his team at StudioNow.com. Their’s is a clever concept: To consumers, they offer an online, low-cost means to outsource video production. “Individual customers or small businesses interested in transforming digital photos and videos into high-quality content can now do so easily and affordably rather than investing resources in learning time-consuming and complex video-editing software.” The company, in turn, serves as a market=maker for those with video editing software and skills (“from novice editors to high-end professionals”). In other words, they are providing individuals who may be spending time creating “user-generated-content” with the means to make some money applying their video editing skills to a profitable dorm-room or home-based business.