Facebook tone-deafness

Dave Winer introduced the term “tone-deaf” yesterday to describe how Facebook has not yet displayed that it’s something more than a social network for students. “Why is their network so tone-deaf to the lives of adults?” he asked. He follows up with this observation today:

“Everyone is going ga-ga over Facebook, but like the people who hold out on Twitter, I’m not ready to give my life to a service that views me as a college student. My relationships are adult relationships.”

I’ll admit. I’m probably one of the guilty ga-ga-ers. However, on this point — and probably several other — I agree with those who aren’t as impressed with Facebook as I am. (And at some point, I will list many things I like — and don’t like — about it.)

For an example of what Dave is referring to, check out this post from Jon Udell who points out one obvious (and frustrating) bit of such tone-deafness a new adult user of Facebook will think is missing something: The choices of “How did you meet this person?” For Jon (and me and a lot of people who have “friended” me), the options they present are not satisfactory. I’ve had people select “We hooked up” who meant something other than what I think “We hooked up” means — I’ve been assured by those in-the-know that the term can mean lots of things. Also, “Worked together” has been chosen to describe something other than employment — which is correct, also. But adults need other options than the current Facebook list. Jon says, “through the web” is an obvious choice.

Another obvious choice: “We’re both members of AARP.”