AT&T offering a ‘non-advertised’ $10 DSL plan

If you live in the 22-state AT&T service region (including Nashville and other former BellSouth areas) and you’ve never had AT&T or BellSouth broadband, there is a “cheaper than advertised plan” that allows you to obtain a DSL plan for $10 a month. Local phone service and a one-year contract are required. The modem is free.

According to the linked-to AP story, “the plan was not mentioned in a Friday news release about AT&T’s DSL plans, and is slightly hidden on the AT&T Web site. A page describing DSL options doesn’t mention it, but clicking a link for “Term contract plans” reveals it.

So why aren’t they touting the plan? According to AP, “(the plan) is part of the concessions made by AT&T to the Federal Communications Commission to get its $86 billion acquisition of BellSouth Corp. approved last December.” If that is true, it’s a deal they hope no one notices.