Google maps, blah-blah, user-contributed content, whatever

Earlier today, on the Google Maps blog, I learned a “user” can write a review about a business on Google Maps — For example, here’s a link to the map entry for Hammock Publishing. Some reviewer/user named Rex says they’re awesome.

However, there’s even more, here’s another link to a Hammock Publishing map I created with Google’s “My Maps” feature. Click on the red marker.

But wait, there’s more. Without me even asking them to, Google has integrated my map — created several months ago — with the new review feature. Unfortunately, they labeled it “user-created-content” in the search results (see above). At least they didn’t say it was “generated.”

Granted, it’s no Facebook.

Later: Scott Karp says the service kicks Google in the “getting social” aspect of review-map mashups.

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