Nashville-area is acquired by Yahoo!

Staci Kramer, at, following-up on a story first broke in April, is reporting that Yahoo! is acquiring the Franklin, Tenn.-based online sports network,


“It took a few months to complete, finally closing after months of digging through Rivals’ plethora of distribution contracts and a yes vote from the Yahoo board Tuesday. The terms aren’t being released but the amount is close to the $100 million we reported earlier. Back in April, we were told by executives dealing with online sports acquisitions that was worth $50-75 million in the context of sports media companies. FIM paid $60 million for competitor in September 2005

Staci has lots more.

All’s well than ends well.

Later: Geez. Give up, people. A point to a 60-day-old post is described as “many months” ago? Do you actually think Yahoo! didn’t know your “news” until they read it on TechCrunch? It’s hard to buy indignance over hit jobs when you take part in the dark art, yourself.

Later: Apparently, some editing has taken place on the story that cranked me up enough to write the previous update. It now does not attempt to inject itself into a story, nor does it seem petty and pissy for no apparent reason.

Later, still: The official announcement from

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