Nashville City Paper launches blogs (good) and an extremely awful thing called the e-paper

The Nashville City Paper has launched four weblogs focusing on pop culture, sports, politics and style

That’s all good. Can’t have enough Nashville blogs — and local blog-veteran Bill Hobbs helped out on their launch, so they have a good start.

On the other hand, the paper has also launched something called the e-Paper which is, to put it politely, perhaps the worst publishing platform one can imagine — sorry, guys.

In that never-ending belief print people have that readers want the web to be more “print-like,” the City Paper’s “e-paper” (which uses a platform from Olive Software) ends up being something that treats the user like an idiot. Here’s the idea: flip through pages of the newspaper, so you get to see the ads on the page and the banner ads surrounding the pages you are flipping through.

While I’ve been “won over” to some digital-magazine platforms due to the innovative ways they’ve evolved their user experience and have added features that truly bridge the online and print experience, the City Paper’s “e-paper” is not a good model for any print publication to follow.

There is nothing about it — nothing — that’s the least bit appealing.

Later: As someone from the platform company has asked for some suggestions from me, I will be expanding on this topic later.

(via: Nashville is Talking’s guest-blogger Laura.)