A Facebook app magazine publishers (and Amazon) will love

As it only takes a mouse-click to add or subtract a Facebook application (which are typically not applications, but features), I’m quick to do both: add and subtract. (Earlier, I wrote about the “next shiny app object” phenomenon on Facebook.)

I’ve found that, for me, “apps that stick” — that I keep — are the (I’ll make up a term) “mirror widget” applications that allow me to mirror on Facebook something I do elsewhere (i.e., display the posts I make on my blog, photos I add to Flickr, bookmarks I add to del.icio.us).

I haven’t become a fan — yet — of any Facebook applications that are built around the sharing of favorites — books, CDs, movies — that allow you to see who, among your friends, like the same thing. These are early-hits among Facebook applications, however. Indeed, one of the first Facebook apps to hit the million-user mark (it’s now over 4 million) is an application called iLike which allows you to add music to your profile.

Now, there’s an “iLike for magazines.” So, I’m trying it out.

Via A.C. Kleinheider, I discovered Magazine Rack, which at the time of this posting, had only 400 or so users. Like the other favorite-sharing apps, the user can list magazines they read. Soon, I assume, I’ll be discovering who among my friends subscribe to the same magazines I do. (For experimenting with the app, I’ve listed mainly business-oriented magazines — and, I couldn’t help myself, one non-business title my company publishes.)

Magazine Rack even has a business model as it serves as a front end to an affiliate store the application developer has set up on Amazon.com. If anyone subscribes to a magazine I recommend, the app-developer gets a commission. By the way, the developer gets high-marks for clever use of Amazon APIs.

Sidenote: My favorite “app of the day” is Dogbook (95,000 users). I’ve added both my dogs and they’ve already been friended by “Thunder,” a famous dog in Nashville-blog circles. (Facebook humor: There are already several Dogbook groups on Facebook including one called, “Dogbook, How gay is that?”)