Contest: When will the word iPhone not appear on the front page of Techmeme?

While I typically depend on its RSS feed to deliver me the stories that hit the front page of Techmeme, I’ve been surfing by it for several days to see how long it will be before the page does not include the word iPhone. I’ve noticed it coming close, maybe just one mention in the “discussion excerpts” listings — but something will happen — say, Robert Scoble pointing to a funny iPhone video, for example — and bang, the word lingers for another 24 hours.

So, I thought I’d start a contest. In the comments of this post, please guess the day and hour that a page search of the front page (expanded view) of Techmeme will not include any result for the word iPhone. None whatsoever. (Believe me, I’m aware of the potential irony of this post making it to the front of Techmeme — but that will merely add to the need for you to guess well.)

There will be two winners to this contest:

1. The person who comes the closest to guessing the date and time.

2. The person who posts a link to the version of Techmeme’s front page that contains no mention of iPhone, none whatsoever. (You must select “show discussion excerpts” from the preferences to get the full view of the front page.)

In case of a tie, the first person to guess the winning date/time wins.

Oh. And one more thing: The prize for winning is not an iPhone — just bragging rights and a Hammock Publishing T-shirt.

A very short contest: An hour or so after posting this, I checked out Techmeme and guess what? — No iPhone. There is the inclusion of a Steve Gillmor word, iphonomics, but the word iPhone isn’t on the version of the front page I just linked to. As Dave was the only person to enter before the contest ended, he’s the winner of a really swell T-shirt.