CEO libraries reveal they don’t read business books

Very interesting article in the NY Times about book collections of some celebrity CEOs. A couple of interesting quotes:

“Until recently when Steven P. Jobs of Apple sold his collection, he reportedly had an “inexhaustible interest” in the books of William Blake — the mad visionary 18th-century mystic poet and artist.”

It’s not at all surprising that Jobs would be a Blake fan, but why would he “sell his collection.” I can understand selling Pixar to Disney, but a book collection? Did he sell it on eBay? This is something Fake Steve Jobs needs to explain.

Here’s another quote that raises a question:

“In his library, (Dee) Hock (founder of Visa), found the book that contained the thoughts of all (great philosophers and novelists distilled into one book): Omar Khayyam’s “Rubáiyát,” the Persian poem that warns of the dangers of greatness and the instability of fortune.

The question it raises is this. What will CEOs who read that article most likely buy and read: Blake or Khayyam?