A digg for marketers who create media

My custom publishing/custom media friend Joe Pulizzi has launched Junta42, a new “digg-like” service focused on “content marketing.” Content marketing is a term Joe uses to describe, “the biggest industry that nobody has ever heard of.” It encompasses all those types of media that are being created by and for the group formerly known as advertisers. I’m not a big fan of the term, but I can see the need to have a phrase like “content marketing” in order to place an umbrella-term over a lot of different types of developments in the worlds of media and marketing that mash-together custom publishing and custom media, branded media, sponsored media, association- and corporate-owned media, advertorials, etc.

Says Joe, “The future of content around the globe will rest, not in the hands of the traditional press, but in the hands of corporations. It’s businesses, not the media, that have the financial resources to go out and find the best research and editors to create great content. Plus, businesses are beginning to figure out that the creation of great content is key to lasting customer relationships.”

According to Joe, Junta42 was created to make it as easy as possible for marketing, association, and publishing professionals to find out what’s going on in content marketing. As someone who has been looking for a source of such information, I hope Junta42 delivers on that wish.