Newsgator on iPhone — I’m liking this

This is a first. I’m blogging about somthing you can do with FeedDemon before Nick Bradbury. However, I’ll admit the reason I can beat him is that Typepad, where his blog is hosted, seems to be offline.

If you have an iPhone and use the desktop newsreader software, FeedDemon or Netnewswire and synch it with, check out Up until now, I’ve been using Google Reader as an iPhone newsreader, but I don’t like the redundancy of using both it and Netnewswire. Using, I have something that will synch with my desktop software.

Obviously, this works if you don’t use NetNewsWire or FeedDemon, but just NewsGator. However, the whole synching thing is what’s making me go oooh and aaah right now.

I know this is going to be hard to believe until you check it out, but the iPhone interface on is superior to the Google Newsreader via an iPhone — which I still think is great. Just not this great.

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