Danah Boyd is pretty ticked at those who have butchered her research

The other day, I posted a flip remark about the absurd media coverage that has turned Danah Boyd’s essay, “Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace” into tripe. I was specifically referring to those who were trying to translate her academic analysis into some type of marketing strategy lesson. Danah’s important research has been misunderstood by a wide array of people who obviously didn’t read it and who then found “experts” to comment on it who did not let the fact they had also not read it slow them down from interpreting what it meant.

Danah is pretty dumbfounded at the response her essay has received. Today, she posted a lengthy response to the critiques that includes the following:

“I find it really weird when people have said that I just devalued MySpace by saying that hegemonic kids are on Facebook. Some marketers are even using my essay to say that all advertising should be funneled to Facebook. Are marketers that stupid?

I think that was a rhetorical question, so I won’t answer it.