Scoble’s A-List

I just noticed that rexblog is #32 on Robert Scoble’s “A-List”. I feel certain this is the first time the phrase “A-List” and this blog have ever been used in the same sentence. I do like Robert’s methodology, as it underscores the fact that the only A-List that matters, is the one that is your list. He has 772 feeds tracked in Google Reader. He tags for sharing the posts he feels like others should read. Out of 35,609 items in the past 30 days, he has shared 1,094 items. A feature in Google Reader keeps track of the top 35 feeds — the ones with the most shared items. That is Scoble’s A-List.

I’m sure my A-List would be very different, as would yours.

I use Google’s “Notes” program to bookmark articles that I want to file away. I need to go look for patterns there to determine who my A-List is.

Bonus link: I haven’t really studied the nature of A-Lists, so I’ve decided to outsource my opinion on the topic to Hugh MacLeod, who also produced the cartoon on the left.