Freakonomics moves to the NYTimes-o-sphere

The Freakonomics blog, launched two years ago by the authors of the book, Freakonomics ( link), has moved to — geez, first Fake Steve Jobs moves to and now this.

Stephen Dubner, one of the book’s authors, used to be a writer and editor at the NY Times magazine and the book started as a magazine profile of Steven Levitt, the University of Chicago economics professor who is the books other author. Since the publication of the book, the NY Times magazine has also run a column called, duh, Freakonomics.

Perhaps I missed an earlier announcement, but there is no information in Dubner’s post regarding whether or not the blog was “purchased” or anything regarding why the blog is now a part of the domain.

I assume the reason is money, however, as I’ve read the book Freakonomics, I know that sometimes the apparent cause of something isn’t the actual cause. However, I am going to go out on a limb and speculate there’s some correlation between the authors receiving some amount money and their blog moving to its new location.

Be sure to check out the video section for Levitt’s comments on how a blog is different from academic writing — and how, sometimes, it’s not.

(Thanks, Lewis.)