The Internet is dead and boring, so Mark Cuban is going to take up ballroom dancing

I have no idea whether these two items are related. However, yesterday, billionaire blogger Mark Cuban used a hyperbolic subject line to discuss his belief that the Internet has reached a state of “utility,” and is no longer where creative breakthroughs can take place. He says more bandwidth is needed for the really cool stuff. And by cool stuff, I guess he means the High Def content he’s creating. Anyway, today, is reporting that Cuban is going to be a cast member of the next series of “Dancing with the Stars,” starting next month. He’s a great two-stepper, I hear.

Later: I’ve just read a few of the reactions to Cuban’s “boring” post and must say that his title is what people are reacting to, not the point he’s trying to make. There are a lot of good things that are happening because developers are focusing on the “utility” part of the Internet — doing cools things that help make the web work for us better. I don’t disagree with his substance, I just don’t get how he can label what’s taking place “dead and boring.” By the way, the funniest comment I’ve read in response to Cuban’s post was from Howard Lindzon on this Fred Wilson post: “Substitute ‘Dallas mavericks’ for Internet.”

(Thanks, Hudge, who wonders if Cuban will go after the Dancing with the Stars judges like he goes after NBA officiating.)