Google Earth is still the best software program ever

Google Earth, as it has since the first time I saw it, still gets my vote for the Best Program Ever. The new version is stunning. Really. Find where you are on the globe, then clilck a button and it converts to a view of the night sky above you. (Oops, I may miss that EVDO afterall, but fortunately, my wifi covers the backyard.) Not quite so significant, but really cool, the new version has a hidden feature, not publicized by Google: An F16 flight simulator, as described by a student in South Africa. It was discovered by someone who — and hats off to you people who do such things — held down the keys, Ctrl+Alt+A (or, if you’re running OS X it’s Command+Option+A). I’m sure, if you’ve grown up playing videogames or coding software, or whatever, you may think to click Ctrl+Alt+A when you’re trying out software, but I’m always impressed when I hear about the games developers play and the users who ask themselves, “I wonder what will happen if I do this…?”

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