How consumer magazines are using the web

While there is a big, big difference in consumer magazines and business-to-business magazines, I’m sure this research of how “American Magazines” use the web from the Blivings Group will be mis-applied to mean all magazines. However, the research just covers consumer magazine websites. (The list of magazines they looked at is in the appendix of the study.)

Here are what they believe are some key findings:

More magazines are using reporter blogs in 2007 than in 2006. Fifty-eight percent of the magazines researched now offer reporter blogs on their sites, compared to just 40 percent in 2006. Ninety three percent of these blogs allow reader comments, while just 31 percent use blogrolls, or links to external blogs.

Newspapers fared better than magazines in nearly every category in 2007. The only exception is the use of tags; four percent of magazines use tags compared to just one percent of newspapers.

The usage of required registration increased since last year from 38 percent to 42 percent.

Video usage nearly doubled in 2007, with 60 percent of the magazine websites we researched now offering video content. In 2006, just 34 percent of the websites offered this feature.

I’m not sure if the findings will be that significantly different if applied to Business-to-Business media-owned websites. However, I do know that media companies who supply mission-critical information online used by businesses all day, everyday, do not view the web through the prism suggested by this research.