Texas-based marketers sure are tracking blogs these days

In the past couple of days, I’ve been impressed by some corporate ambassador-types (who by coincidence are both associated with Texas-based companies) who have commented on posts I’ve made about their companies — or, in one case, used an image of their product.

First, a Southwest blogger (one of many who write on their site), gave me a shout-out when I gave the airlines an unsolicited endorsement. (Follow-up: My two SWA flights this week both arrived early.)

On a more obscure front, I got a comment ping from a company called “Twang” (no relation to Tang) in San Antonio, Tex., that makes “flavored salts” for beer, margaritas and other concoctions. I did a Google image search of the word “twang” for a post about country music and thought the label and slogan “Tart and Tangy Treat” was an appropriate, yet obscure, element to add to the post. After seeing the post (which I’m impressed that he saw, as I didn’t mention “Twang” in the post), the publicist of Twang has offered to mail me some sample “chili lime salt” so that I can see and experience the product first-hand.

Thanks, Twang, however, I must let you know that I can only accept samples of chili lime salt for use in the rexblog labs for review purposes only. However, just for reaching out, I’ve decided to make Twang the official potent potable salt of the rexblog.

Free marketing advice for Twang: Learn from the master, Hugh MacLeod, who helped turn a South African Wine, Stormhoek, into a geek-sensation. Offer to send samples of salts to anyone hosting a “Blogger Margarita Meetup.”