Peer-to-peer jet travel

In April, 2006, I blogged about the company, DayJet, the “world’s first ‘per-seat, on-demand’ jet service.” While the roll-out of the service is slower than indicated in the item I pointed to (the tests in Florida start soon), the company is still moving forward with its plans. And Nashville’s general aviation John Tune airport is still on the list of potential roll-out test “dayports.” (Self-interest note: the airport is about a ten-minute drive from my house.) Today, Jon Udell has a post about Ed Iacobucci, DayJet’s co-founder and CEO. Jon also has a 52-minute ITConversations podcast interview with Iacobucci. While not the ever-promised “flying car,” the “jet taxi” movement is one that fascinates me. If this stuff interests you, Udell’s post and interview is an intriguing look at the peer-to-peer network analogies applicable in this context.