Travel and speaking

While my travel icon is a Southwest plane, I’m scheduled on some other carriers over the next few days. (Update: Over the past two weeks, I’ve been on five different SWA flights, all of which arrived early.) I’m flying Northwest for a quick meeting in Minneapolis tomorrow. On Friday, I’m back in Nashville and am appearing on a panel at the Vanderbilt Law School on the topic: “The Emerging Long Tail of Creative Content Distribution: Implications for the Entertainment Industries.” I can’t wait to hear what I have to say on the topic — but the professor who invited me claims to read this blog and insisted that something I’ve ranted about is applicable to what they’re discussing.

On Sunday, I’m flying Delta to New York (they matched JetBlue’s fare and had a schedule that better matched my needs) and will be at the Folio: Show on Monday speaking about ethical issues magazine publishers (really, everyone) face online. Preview: I’m in the “transparency” camp — and I hate those text ads that Paul Conley is down on. Also, I can’t stand pay-per-post advertising if it’s not clearly labeled as such — I don’t like it then, either, but I think labeling advertising “advertising” and sponsored content “sponsored” is defendable. Also, as long as it’s clearly disclosed, I think “cap-per-post” marketing is ethical, as well.

Don’t know how much blogging I’ll be doing. These days, Twitter seems to be my publishing platform of choice while traveling.