Conde Nast quietly trying on Facebook applications to see how they fit

This morning, during a Folio: Show panel regarding magazine company developments on the web, Ted Nadeau, general manager of CondéNet, said the Conde Nast unit is stealthily testing applications on Facebook. Nadeau said, “The (Facebook platform) capabilities are impressive and with just a couple of developers, you can grow a pretty amazing application. We are experimenting — and you may not even know it is us when you use it.”

When asked for an example of such stealth Facebook application development, Nadeau told the audience the Facebook application, “What are you wearing?” is one. Sure enough, if you look at the application, there is no mention that the application has anything to do with a multi-billion dollar media giant. Rather, it’s from “WRUW” and the developer is “Paul Wells” of Oregon. Diana Erskine, a member of the Condé Nast network, answers questions on the application discussion board.

The application has 1,722 daily active users (3% of total). Is that successful?

I guess we’ll learn one day if that WRUW gets replaced with the name, “”

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