The new $5.95 Trump magazine is for readers who don’t have to ask how much it costs

If you’re counting, I think the Trump magazine that will be announced on Tuesday will be the third (or maybe fourth) magazine with that name attached to it. Like the other Trump magazines, this one will be “a magazine devoted to ways to spend a great deal of money.” And while it will be distributed in the same Trump properties, it’s not the same Trump magazine that was distributed in all the Trump properties from 2004 until earlier this year. This one will be different, because it will also be sold at the news stand for $5.95.

Wait a minute. According to the New York Times, this new Trump magazine will, according to its publisher, “do stories on private jets, the interiors of the new jets, new lines of Louis Vuitton luggage, Mikimoto pearls, stories on very high-end jewelry like Cartier, travel around the world, golf clubs, fashion…It’s definitely aimed at the reader who doesn’t have to ask how much it costs.”

So why wouldn’t they price it at $9.95? Or $50.95?

$5.95 seems awfully cheap for readers who don’t have to ask how much it costs.