There’s this thing I really hate that some bloggers do

Scott Karp, one of the smartest people I know, thinks mobile devices aren’t ready for prime time when it comes to having a meaningful online experience.

Rather than disagree with Scott (whose blog, by the way, is #9 on the “Advertising Age Power 150”of blogs that follow media and marketing) and engage in a meaningful debate, mobile browser developer Russell Beattie immediately attacks Scott personally by calling him a moron and telling him to shut the, well, it goes down-hill from there. Scott may be opinionated and, once in a great while, wrong, but a moron?

I have no idea whether or not Russell’s debate points make sense. I didn’t read past the second sentence. While I’m sure Russell is not a moron, I know for certain his approach is moronic.

I have no idea whether or not Russell’s current project, a mobile browser, is any good. But his approach to evangelizing it sure seems moronic.

Later: Matthew Ingram apparently made it all the way through Russell’s post and writes, “Russell’s post seemed so angry and over the top that it made me wonder what else was going on. I certainly don’t think that Scott said anything as moronic as Russ is making it out to be.”

Also, to clarify my earlier point, as well. His fluffy use of the “F” word is not why I object to Russell’s post. It’s his use of the “M” word. It’s the intellectual laziness displayed when he attacked Scott personally, rather than attacking Scott’s point of view.