Team Hammock spellers k-i-c-k a-s-s

I hate to sound braggadocious, but can’t help myself from giving a shout-out congratulations to the Hammock Publishing corporate spelling bee team for annihilating the competition in tonight’s 14th Annual Corporate Spelling Bee, benefiting the Nashville Adult Literacy Council.

Fittingly, they went ahead on the word annihilate and won on the word braggadocio.*

A perennial power-house in the competition, this is the second time the team has brought home the first-place trophy — a very big one, as I recall. Nearly as intimidating as this year’s Titans O-Line are these Team Hammock spelling ninjas: Jamie (2-Cs-in-Zucchini) Roberts, Megan (MeganG) Goodchild and Bill (The Spellinator) Hudgins.

It will come as no surprise to anyone who reads this blog that I have never come close to making the team.

*corrected from an earlier version.