How to change the world’s perception of you

Surely, Guy Kawasaki is being quoted out of context in the following snip from an article in the Mercury News:

“I have a very low opinion of the blogosphere,” Kawasaki said. “I think it is made up of about 250,000 people who are mostly 45-year-old men who live with their mother and have dead cats in their refrigerators.”

I get the joke. I read Guy’s blog. I understand Guy’s humor and can see the twinkle in his eye when he said that to the reporter. Surely, she didn’t get that he was joking. Surely.

I know how masterfully Guy writes to attract in-coming links from bloggers. If I take seriously what I read in the article, it would mean what I thought was masterful Guy Kawasaki evangelism (passionate conviction) is actually more like Elmer Gantry evangelism (cynical manipulation). And that couldn’t be. Surely.

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