Networked Journalism Summit

Speaking of Jeff Jarvis (see previous post), I am looking forward to participating in Wednesday’s “Networked Journalism Summit” that Jeff and the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism (Jeff heads its interactive journalism program) has organized with a grant from the MacAurther Foundation. The summit is designed to “bring together the best practices and practitioners in collaborative, pro-am journalism.” (I’m hoping it’s like a pro-am golf tournament as I’d like to be paired with a really good pro.)

The premise of the summit:

“…even as journalistic organizations may shrink, along with their revenue bases, journalism itself can and must expand and it will do that through collaborative work. The internet makes that collaboration possible and we’ve barely begun to explore the opportunities it affords. A year or two ago, the point of such a meeting might have been evangelizing this idea. But in that time, a number of great projects in collaborative, networked journalism have taken off. So now is the time to share the lessons — success and failures — from these efforts and to determine what’s needed to move on to the next goals. By bringing together about 150 practitioners from all sides, we hope that the meeting itself can spark new partnerships and projects.”

Several people whose RSS feeds I follow are participating. Knowing the organizers had extremely limited space, I’m very honored to be a part of the day-long event Wednesday.

Sidenote: I’ll be arriving in NYC Tuesday mid-afternoon and heading back to Nashville very early Thursday.