If the world actually needed an ‘eBay for digital products’ it would be called doo-dah

via the NYTimes.com’s DealBook comes this from the Red Herring:

“A startup coming out of stealth mode is hoping to upend the market for digital products in the same way eBay did for all types of physical products.

First, let me say this time-warped story is weirding me out. Really, we’re talking an episode of the Twilight Zone where someone turns on their computer in 2007 and The Red Herring is reporting a startup hopes to be the eBay for digital content. Pure Rod Serling: the startup’s name is Zipidee. Geez, why not Pets.com?

According to the Red Herring, Zipidee wants to be like eBay, however it’s not an auction site, it’s more “like (the) Apple iTunes” Store in that it has set prices. Which would make it the iTunes Store of digital content, but, well, the iTunes Store is already the iTunes Store of digital content.

How many startups in the past decade have said they wanted to be the eBay of something? Half.com and Stubhub.com both became the eBay of something on the way to being purchased by eBay?

I want pick on them anymore, but I’ve mentioned several times about a startup that wanted to be the eBay of podcasting.

However, just look at this Google search for the phrase “The Google of*.” At one time or another, there have been companies described as the eBay of: loans, swap, money management, stock photography, fast food, web services, digital content (long before Zipidee), social capital, steel, science, ridesharing, etc., etc.