Network Journalism Summit

Tag tracking Networked Journalism Summit event I’m attending today: netj. I won’t be ‘live-blogging’ the event, but will be posting some random snips from sessions and will (I’m guessing) be tweeting some from it.

Random snips from Local Pioneers session:

BostonNow – uses the incentive of getting into print as motivation for bloggers. So “fame” is an incentive. Also, driving traffic to ones blog.

“Reverse publish” is a term being used to publish content from bloggers in print.

Observation from Rex: “Reverse publish” is not a good term.

Random snips from Revenue session:

My Football Writer. Great story of a sports-writer and advertising guy who were laid off from a local newspaper. Decided to join forces, start a website and sell advertising old school — pitch local advertisers in person. Now their former employer is among the advertisers on their site. Makes no money from national ad networks. Selling ads the local way. “People want to see their local ads.” They have an auction model site for local ads in Norwich.

Stephen Smyth of Reuters says Reuters is “exploring the idea of creating an advertising network” for bloggers that will also provide bloggers (in addition to revenue) more information about demographics of their audience.

Henry Copeland of BlogAds. “We’ve written tens of millions of dollars of checks to bloggers” in the past ten years. Today is “late in the game” to get into the advertising network business.

Random snips from International session:

Robbin Hamman of the BBC says they used to invite people to email in photos of a breaking news event and they’d use only 1/2 or 1%, so now they are asking people to post on Flickr and add to a specific pool, or to blog about something and use certain tags. “These are the tools they are using…it’s more honest with people who want to share the things they create.” Also, it’s hard to go through 50,000 emails to find the photos that aren’t fluffy kittens.

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