The Buntin Group celebrates 35 years. Thanks, Jeffrey.

Last night, the Nashville advertising and marketing firm, Buntin Group, celebrated its 35th anniversary. I worked there for six of the 35 years (1985-91) with some creative and intense — and intensely fun — individuals. It was great to see — and catch up with — several folks from my era. It was a super event.

I love Jeffrey Buntin, founder of the Buntin Group and my boss — and then partner — for six years. Love is not a word I believe I’ve ever used in describing a business relationship, but it’s hard to not love Jeffrey Buntin. Okay, it was hard not to at times, but for me, those times were extremely rare and quickly forgotten.

I learned a great deal from Jeffrey during the six years I worked at Buntin. Some of those lessons, however, I didn’t know I had learned until many years later. I can’t thank him enough for his willingness to nearly always support me, many times when he had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. I think the key to our relationship was his steadfast (and accurate, for the most part) belief that I was deeply committed to bringing into the agency more money each month than I took out.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have such a bigger-than-life mentor as Jeffrey. I’m was. Thank you, Jeffrey. And congratulations.

Here’s a set of photos from last night’s party.