A belated thanks for a Folio: shout-out

Last week when I was traveling, I didn’t notice that Folio:’s Dylan Stableford had mentioned that all the new small business websites are not exactly blazing new trails. As he includes some quotes from an item I once wrote recalling the “miserable failure” (my term) of the first iteration of SmallBusiness.com “one of the lowest points in my business life,” I’d like to update that seven-year-old news by saying, I’m way over it. Anytime one has to throw in the towel on a business — and lay-off 25 people (including ones-self) — it’s a low point. However, that’s ancient history. (And, technically, at the time of its first iteration, the business entity that operated SmallBusiness.com was not a part of Hammock Publishing, although I was very involved personally.)

I’m a lucky person — and the journey I’ve been blessed to travel has taken me far from what I thought at one time, was a miserable failure.