Listening to a -coaster describe Nashville

A New York friend just sent me a link to a Bob Lefsetz e-mail newsletter/blog post about his visit to Nashville. Lefsetz, a music-industry observer/pundit/writer, or as my friend described him (and I think this was a compliment), “a ranter,” is staying in the Hilton downtown. It’s always interesting to hear a visitor’s perspective on ones hometown. Because I have a couple of “Nashville-related” blog searches set up, I often run across them — typically from star-struck country music fans or business-travelers who have been stuck in the Opryland Hotel complex for 72-hours straight.

Next day update: I didn’t know that the Tennessean has a column called “Online buzz,” but thanks to Barbara’s comment below, now I do. While the column mentions this post, there’s no link here. However, there is to the blog of the visitor I’ve now helped make hyper-locally famous to those who don’t follow his music industry rantings.