What is a tumblelog?

This announcement by Union Square Ventures explains why they’ve invested in Tumblr.com. It also contains a detailed explanation of what a tumblelog is. I use Tumblr.com to aggregate all my posts, tweets, photo-sharing into one “lifestream” that I call “River of Rex.” I describe the page as a confluence of all my various online posts (“streams”) right before they flow into the Gulf of Rexico. Recently, I redirected the previous URL, rex.tumblr.com to the URL RexHammock.com. Tumblr makes such redirects easy-to-do.

I love the tumblelog concept and I find Tumblr.com a brilliantly simple platform to use. However, I hate having to explain to non-conversational-media-geeks yet another one of these “things.” My friends in the real world still have problems understanding the whole “blogging thing,” so I’ve given up on trying to explain to them the nuanced similarities and differences among blogging, posting media to Flickr or YouTube, group messaging via Twitter, maintaining an identity on a social networking service and a tumblelog.

Here’s an earlier post related to simplicity of setting up and maintaining the River of Rex.

Speaking of tumblelogs and lifestreams, I just noticed that Plaxo has added something it calls a “lifestream widget” that does precisely what the RSS aggregation part of a tumblelog does. Here’s mine:

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