Leopard notes

I’ll update this post over the course of the weekend with non-technical observations of Leopard:

1. I had to immediately change the desktop wallpaper to a solid background (blue). The default background has to be the ugliest desktop wallpaper ever. What is it? A star exploding?

2. Somehow, my “keychain” didn’t make the transition. If you have personal data backed up to a .Mac account, you’re supposed to be able to restore it, but first you’ll have to update “Backup.” I’ve done all that and I still can’t seem to get my keychain re-keyed.

3. My fault and this is not actually related to Leopard, but in trying to free some space before upgrading, I trashed some photos from iPhoto after checking to make sure they were backed up. Unfortunately, I didn’t check closely enough, because I had a gap of about six months that weren’t backed up where I thought they were. Fortunately, the photos were recoverable (and also backed up on DVD) and all is well. However, there was a period of anxiety that I could have easily avoided.

4. If one uses QuickSilver, the whole stacks thing seems like a lame imitation (for that matter, so is Spotlight). However, I guess there are such a small percentage of Mac users who use Quicksilver most people will think stacks is a creative new idea.