McMinnville, Tennessee in 3D

The Google Maps & Google Earth blog (LatLong) has a post about a community-wide effort in McMinnville, Tenn., (about 80 miles southeast of Nashville) to develop a 3D model of the town in Google Earth — the first of its kind in Tennessee.


“The project, dubbed 3D Downtown, is being led by a non-profit organization called Main Street McMinnville and includes volunteers from the State Department of Economic and Community Development, the City Planning office, the Chamber of Commerce, the local College and Technology Center, and a host of local businesses.”

The project kicks off with volunteer modelers receiving training on how to use the free modeling tool, Google SketchUp and Google Earth. In addition to being cool, having a 3D model of a historic downtown will help McMinnville residents have a clearer understanding of how future development projects will impact on historic preservation.