Apple Rumor #3 update

Whenever you see a rumor about an Apple “tablet PC” being real, all you need to say is, “Oh, that’s Rumor #3.”

Heck, even (the Unofficial Apple Weblog) has started calling it “Rumor #3.”

Of course, I go way-back with Rumor #3.

I figure as long as we can keep this rumor alive, maybe there’s hope that one day it will come true. (And when it does, I’ll see you in line at the Apple Store.)

(See: The rexblog ‘All the Apple rumors you’ll ever need – update page’)

Later: Webomatica lists some “thoughts” about what may be announced at Macworld. I like that: Not even rumors, these are “thoughts.” That’s sort of what my rumors are. Things I’d like for Apple to do, sprinkled with educated guessing, wrapped up in idle speculation.