Will the writers’ strike be the tipping point for scab-written, web-delivered video?

It’s taken me several days to get around to it, but the “Unaired 1994 Pilot of 24” spoof created by the folks at CollegeHumor.com is so funny, it hurts. Seeing this makes me agree with Wired.com blogger Nicholas Thompson, who writes: “My guess is that the writers’ strike is going to be a huge boon for (web video).”

And just for the record, what I’m saying here has nothing to do with “user-generated” or “amateur” content. I’m talking about professionals who are working outside the current battle zone between studios and writers. (Writers who I’m sure will soon be called ‘scabs’ if their stuff gets too popular.)

Again, just to say this one more time: The video above is not “user-generated,” it’s major league quality geek humor.